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yoga classes in english leipzig
English Yoga Class in Leipzig

Yoga Class in English

You want to join an English Yoga Class?

You are new to Leipzig or a company which wants to support the health of your foreign employees with a good anti stress and relaxing yoga exercises. So YOGA MACHT STARK provides now Yoga Class in English Leipzig with the right movement and breathing techniques to reach a high level of concentration and serenity. It can be practiced in fixed classes but also in private lessons. The yoga level will be adopted the level on you or colleagues.

The effects of Yoga in English Leipzig?

Posture and flexibility improve, balance disorder, back pain and stress are treated. Strong immune system, body strength, joint and flexibility are a result of this yoga style. So if a company decides to integrate Yoga into the daily work experience a much better 

Class TypesOnline/Offline/Private/Business Class
Health insurance fundedPartial